[Pixels of] Training & Exploring.

So the idea for this so-called blog is to update it weekly. Just 52 entries of random activities. Menarik minggu ini (lol!) :

Approximately 2months of training left.. But im kinda losing interest in the whole process. All we do is generate graphs n count things. Dont ask me why i chose to become an engineer pls.


Hujung minggu lebih menarik.

Watched the Dark Knight Rises last Friday night. Which i think was okay. The whole flying the bomb away to a safer place solution macam familiar.. Ade mubi lain tiru the comic plot perhaps?

Highlight of the week!
Nak cari a street art & crafts bazaar on Penang Road tp xjumpe. Instead walked from Chow Rasta to Ferry Terminal to Padang Kota and back to Penang Road. Phew tgh puasa kot. But it was worth it!









Btw that’s pura. She lives in Penang & she has amazing energy! Always smiling & running around. That attitude is addictive, i become an energizer bunny arnd her hehe.

So we discovered street arts around Penang which was legal. The buildings arnd Georgetown make me wished i had taken Architecture.

Then we had iftar in a Thai restaurant in Tesco Seberang Jaya & later char kuay teow Adam. (EPIC Teh Ais sold here.) This time with Ghuna & Awong.

So that’s it. Inject a little creativity in your life & be thankful for the undiscovered beauty around you šŸ˜‰

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