[Pixels of] a Hectic Week.

The second week of August went by quite fast, probably because of Toastmasters. I became a part of this communication and leadership club at work to brush up on my soft skills. It has helped me out a lot in being more confident and aware of how I present myself to an audience. The bi-weekly meeting was held with the theme of Roll the Dice but I didn’t participate much except as the timer.


Other than that we also had our exco meeting in Subway Kulim and also a farewell dinner for Logen.

Also on this week’s agenda was TLI – Toastmasters Leadership Institute. It is basically a training program for the exco members to learn more about their roles in the club. The most interesting part is the Motivational session held by Christopher. He was an energetic presenter and the Secrets of Achievement quadrant was quite interesting.


Training was held in Intel Kulim and it was awesome being able to see how it is inside the Intel building. They have 3 foosball tables in the cafeteria. Also free flow of juices and fresh fruits. Obviously the Intel community knows how to achieve a work-life balance. I’ve to say I thought my company was pretty impressive with the free gym but I cant help but feel envious of Intel employees.

Since it is still Ramadhan, this week was also spent having breaking fast events with friends. Earlier in the week wih Lizzy and Pija in Perda. Then with Toastmasters. And lastly with Pura and her high school friends. That event was in Puncak Mutiara where we had a 50 ringgit buffet spread. Although the grilled lamb was awesome, we didnt feel like we got our money’s worth. Iftar was then followed by a bowling match in Bukit Mertajam and also free supper in Char Kuay Teow Adam. It was free because one of the guys quietly went to pay for everyone’s meal. 🙂 This is Pura lining up for the grilled lamb, yummy!




Sunday was Spa Day in Penang Island and I couldn’t help but compare this Body Secrets Home Spa with the Abian Kokoro Hotel Spa in Bali. This Penang spa is a lot smaller but the atmosphere is quite calming. They had soothing music and the rooms were very dark and cozy. Lizzy, Ghuna and I had the 2hour full body massage and body scrub/mask package. It was the best value for money because the massage therapists were sufficiently trained. However they weren’t very friendly and thus we suffered through small periods of awkward (nekkid lol) moments hehe. The massage was heavenly and I thoroughly enjoyed every waking moment. A blissful escape, it definitely was.



We ended the day with iftar in Queensbay and walked around to window shop. Shopping tires me out and I no longer have the enthusiasm to do so. I see these weird changes in myself a lot these days. Quite honestly i’ve been resenting this so-called independent life. I wish for a day when my burdens are happily shared with a significant other. One who makes it all worthwhile. One that lights up everytime I appear. One that loves me, regardless of my messy-ness. Oh well.. These random thoughts came up just because I was tired and wished for someone who can drive me home haha.

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