[Pixels of] Nature & Escapades.

When the weekdays got too routined and dull, the weekends serve as a thick cup of espresso to wake me up from my zombie-fied state. The best way to feel alive and breathing again is to get back to nature and appreciate the sole fact that we are surrounded by amazing sights and sounds. This week, it was particularly the sound of waves hitting the beach and the river flowing between the rocks.

Last Saturday was again spent in Taman Negara, Teluk Bahang. I left Kulim before 7am and headed towards the island with a dark heavy cloud above me. It rained all morning but once it stopped, the weather was perfect for a hike into and out of Taman Negara. This time we decided to hike to Monkey Beach as the route goes along the beach and requires less climbing.



The hike can be done in an hour if you keep a steady pace. I usually do it in 1.5 just to enjoy the scenery. After the hike, I went for ukulele class and finally more mee sotong and coconut shake in Padang Kota with Q.

After sleeping over at Pura’s house, Sunday started early for us too, this time for picnic and mandi sungai in Sedim. It rained too, after we had a quick dip and took underwater pics in the river. We had satay and burgers for lunch, all barbequed under the bridge.





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