[Pixels of] Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012.

If you asked me what was the craziest thing I’ve done throughout 2012, I would definitely say this event. I flew down to KL especially for the 21km marathon this weekend. It was a family affair, with Mama and Piqah joining the 5km fun run. I had to run the half marathon alone as Fatihah cannot make it to the event. I couldnt find my other friends as there were 3000+ people running the 21k run. Morale was down at the beginning, wasn’t confident that i can finish the run at all. In fact, I was quite ready to give up once i reached 4km. It was a constant inner battle, i had to take deep breaths n force myself to be positive throughout the whole run.

I didnt have my phone with me, so most pictures were taken by my sister during the fun run. The starting lines were right in front of the Palace of Justice. The 21km route is the best running route i have ever experienced. The view was beyond awesome. The sight of the Putrajaya International Convention Centre from very angle accompanied me most of the run. We ran on the bridges, which had coloured lights and magnificent architecture. Then there were supporters waiting at every checkpoint. There were people in marching bands, drummers, people dressed as darth vader and iron man, a bubble machine that blew bubbles everywhere… Basically you will keep on running just to find out what’s ahead. There were many suprises. Water stations were plenty and they even provided wet sponges for you to cool yourself down. That was definitely my 1st time taking a sponge bath in public :p

Praises are due to the organizer, the event went smoothly and participants were well taken care of. I would definitely recommend this event to other runners. Check out the pictures below 🙂

2 thoughts on “[Pixels of] Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012.

  1. When I was on AIESEC Exchange in Kuala Lumpur, I was in Putrajaya overnight until the next morning we heard the hymns! It was such a mesmerizing view from the bridge 🙂

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