[Pixels of] Malakoff Penang Marathon 2013.

Fluorescent green, bright blinding green everywhere. The Malakoff Penang runners took over Padang Kota Lama in Penang last Sunday morning. The sunrise was purple, blue and orange and the runners were all clad in fluorescent green running jerseys.


Running a marathon is both physically and mentally challenging for me. On top of the pain in the legs/knees, you have to constantly push and motivate yourself to keep going. The hardest parts are always the 1st 4 kilometres, then last 4 kilometres. I made the mistake of not constantly training for this marathon, so I suffered the wrath of painful muscles and cramps. Nevertheless, we, me and Pura, both finished the 17km race but I am not proud of the time I took to cross the finishing line.

Here are the customary photos at the Start/Finish Line 😉





I started my running hobby with last year’s Malakoff Run, also in March. Cant believe it’s been a year since then. The finisher medal is the 6th medal in the collection.



I always tell myself not to start something that I won’t finish. Hence, I am still enormously proud of this achievement. A day has passed, I’m still in excruciating pain, and yes I am being overly dramatic :p

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