[Pixels of] Spending the Night at the Airport.



We’re going on an adventure! KL – Siem Reap – Bangkok – Phuket – KL. 😀

Of course, we have to fly into Siem Reap first.

So this is something I have never done before. Spending the night at the airport. Our flight is at 6.50 am and we took the bus to LCCT around 11.00 pm from One Utama. So now we are basically camping here, literally sitting on the floor, under a tree in a giant vase. This is our oasis in the quiet chaos that is LCCT after midnight.

Believe me when I say nobody stares or gives us dirty looks here. This is because there are people lying on the floor on sleeping bags and sleeping sprawled across the benches. It is truly a rare sight for me.




The journey to KL from Penang this morning was tiring enough. We arrived by bus this morning at 8.00 am. I managed to squeeze in a great catch up session with friends in KL while having pancakes at the Curve around lunch time. The Paddington House of Pancakes lets you enjoy the whole world on a plate. I tried the potato pancakes with smoked salmon and grilled zucchini. Awesomest party in my mouth. Haha. The portions are big and it is the perfect excuse to share the dish with a friend.





We also had a quick family dinner in a location which shall rename nameless because Nana couldn’t be with us this weekend.

All in all, it was a pretty eventful Saturday. 🙂

Come back here to read about our 10 day adventure soon!

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