The Bucket List

The inspiration to pen down (or type out) this list came from the places that I have been to, the people that I have met and the books/blogs that I have read.  I immediately noticed a change in how I view the world around me when I started this list – there are so many things to do and places to see. I was 25 (in 2013) when I started this – my Bucket List. Trust me, this is not the final draft. 😉

(X) Live abroad for at least a year

(X) Graduate with MSc

( ) Teach for a living

( ) Work part-time in a book store/library/book cafe

( ) Build a huge smiling snowman and make snow angels

( ) Bungee jump

( ) Sky dive

( ) Disneyland

( ) Legoland

( ) Stand under cherry blossom trees

( ) La Tomatina in Bunol

(X) Drink coffee and send postcards on Eiffel Tower

(X) Rent a Gondola in Venice – Our gondolier was the charming Ricardo with the killer smile.

(X) Ride a hot air balloon – Cappadocia honeymoon ❤

( ) Climb Mt. Kinabalu to the top

(X) See the Mona Lisa

( ) Climb Great Wall of China

( ) Stay in a water villa in Maldives

( ) Sponsor family holiday

( ) Buy Babah a yacht

( ) Buy house for Mama

( ) Own a Red/White VW Golf/Mini

( ) Join an international marathon

(X) Join any marathon event in Manchester – Bupa Great Manchester Run 10k

(X) Take a picture in front of Big Ben

(X) Visit Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque – honeymoon again

(X) New Year’s Eve in a foreign country – at home, watching the fireworks on tv

(X) Roman Colosseum (self guided) Tour – and said yes to a Proposal 😀

( ) NZ Road trip

( ) Go on a safari

(X) Eat gelato under Italian sunbeams – Twice in front of Trevi Fountain, once in Nice

(X) Take photos in front of I AMsterdam sign

(X) Stare at the Burj Khalifa – and we had 360 degress view from the top of Burj Khalifa too!

(X) Parasailing in Sabah – 2nd honeymoon

( ) Ride an elephant

( ) Invent something useful

( ) Imitate pose while standing in front of Statue of Liberty

( ) Catch a concert in a foreign country

( ) Witness the beauty of Taj Mahal

(X) Sleep overnight on a train – From Berlin to Prague, 5 hours by train

(X) See Stonehenge

(X) Travel as a volunteer – traveled to Wigan by mini bus to volunteer at Rugby League World Cup Quarter Finals

( ) Paint a room in own house

( ) Pilot a small aircraft

( ) Kickboxing class

( ) Ride a camel

( ) See a Broadway show

( ) White water rafting

( ) Cave exploring

(X) Throw a coin into Trevi Fountain – Threw in RM0.60 with Fareed :”>

( ) Rent an ATV and explore Santorini

( ) Hike uphill to see full view of Cinque Terre

(X) See La Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi’s masterpieces

( ) Learn to sew wearable clothing

( ) Have a walk in library at home

(X) Visit Edinburgh castle

(X) Win a speech contest – under Toastmasters club

(X) Live (and work) in another state for at least a year

(X) Run 21km/10km marathons – Penang Bridge/Esplanade/Putrajaya/KL

(X) Touch a koala

(X) Feed kangaroos

(X) Climb the Harbour Bridge

(X) Stare at Opera House with tears in eyes

(X) Get lost in Angkor Wat

(X) Travel between countries by land

(X) Teach math/english in an orphanage

(X) Shopped til I literally dropped in Chatuchak Weekend Market

(X) Run barefoot and see the parade in Universal Studios

(X) Witness live Kecak Dance performance in Bali

(X) Attend an outdoor music festival – Sunburst

(X) Stay in a backpackers’ hostel alone – Ryokan Chic Hostel in Georgetown, Penang

( ) Visit Hobbiton & glow worms cave in NZ

( ) Intercity train ride by a bullet train in Japan

( ) Take photos with interesting people in costumes in Harujuku

( ) Visit Plitsvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

( ) Sunrise over Mt Bromo & Borobudur

( ) Kayaking in Halong Bay

( ) Witness Aurora Borealis in Iceland

( ) Take the £12 zipline from Spain to Portugal


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