8 Hours Apart.

11.00pm & 7.00am
I brush my teeth and wash my face to get ready for bed. He brushes his teeth and showers then gets ready for work.

12.00am & 8.00am
I wish him good morning and have a great day while he wishes me good night and sweet dreams.

9.00am & 5.00pm
I’m running after the bus to get to my morning class while he leaves his office and heads straight to the gym.

12.00pm & 8.00pm
I leave class and order my £2 cheeseburger for lunch while he sits down for his dinner.

4.00pm & 12.00am
I take a (not really) quick power nap while he drifts off to sleep.

5.00pm & 1.00am
I go about my own business, constantly checking the time to make sure I don’t miss the wake up call timeslot.

10.30pm & 6.30am
I make the wake up call.

…and repeat. 🙂



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